OVA deployment from ESXi local datastore

I wrote one basic script for  OVA deployment from ESXi hosts local data store. This idea came to my mind after working on one project where i had to deploy OVAs on around 250 ESXi clusters.

Here i used VMware OVFTool and Selenium webdriver. You can Download  both software from the links mentioned below. Import-Vapp command from powercli doesn’t support HTTPS source for OVA deployment from ESXi local data store. You can check its help section for more information.

Import-v App script can be found here OVA Deployment via PowerCLI

OVFTOOL Download


Explanation Line by Line-

1 – Path to OVFtool exe.

3-5 –  I have added Selenium binary or DLL using Add-type method.

7 – Path to chrome driver to open ESXi local data store webpage and fetch the HTTPS link

8 -9  – We would need ESXi root credentials here

11- Enter the v Center details

13 – Location of the OVA which needs to be uploaded to local data store

15 – Folder which we will create inside local data store to store OVA

17-30 – Code to upload OVA on local data store of first ESXi inside Cluster

30 -36 – v Switch and port group information to create VMKernel on ESXi hosts.

42-52 – Collecting IP setting for the OVAs

54 – 60 – Collect Names for the OVAs

63 – 68 – Port group and local data store information.

72-83 –  Use of Selenium and Chrome driver to access ESXi local datastore and fetch HTTPS source path

86 – 115 –  Commands to deploy OVA on ESXi hosts with OVFTOOL and VMKernel creation commands.

Hope this helps..!!  Please change the script based on your requirements. Please do share your thoughts.

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