RP4VM consistency group creation API

This post will give you information about step to RP4VM consistency group creation API. I created on PowerCLI script to create consistency group with in build Power Shell  command Invoke-Restmethod.

This script assumes you have two different vCenters. One for Production and one for Disaster recovery. Feel free to customize it based on your requirement.

  1. Source Site is in different VC and
  2. Target site is in different VC.

Please refer below script.

Note – You need to create RP4VM Cluster on both sides, need to join them before running this script. I wrote OVA Deployment script and can be found here RP4VM OVA Deployment via PowerCLI


I have added replication step at the end of script.

Please do due diligence before running this RP4VM consistency group creation API script in the production environment.  I am working on it to improve it, if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a message or send me an email.

One thought on “RP4VM consistency group creation API”

  1. please can you give me API to connect VRPA cluster in Rp4VM.

    cluster is in detached state, need API to connect it back.


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